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COVID-19 Key worker Childcare arrangements


Saturday 21st March, 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


There has been significant discussion over the last 24 hours over the way schools will operate from Monday onwards.  We need to remember that the purpose of closing schools is to restrict and minimise social contact and consequently reduce the risk of being infected by the coronavirus.


Therefore, if it is at all possible, please keep your children at home.  However, when arranging childcare, please take into account government and public health advice regarding keeping at risk members of the public safe, including grandparents and any other relatives that are over 70 or have underlying medical conditions.


Cardiff Schools and Childcare providers will provide facilities for parents who are at the forefront of the national effort to fight the coronavirus disease, to ensure that these vital workers are given every opportunity to be in work and to get on with their efforts to protect our lives and wellbeing.


In accordance with the above, in the first instance, we need to identify children whose parents work in either the Health and Social Care sectors (including Homeless Hostels and Outreach), or the Emergency Services.


Please will you notify the school via if you fall into either of these categories and provide:


  • Your name, address and contact details
  • The name(s) and age(s) of your children
  • Details of any additional support needs that your child(ren) may have
  • Your employer and job role
  • The days and hours you would require childcare at school, including any ‘non-typical’ gours i.e. weekends, hours outside 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.




Provision at St Mary the Virgin Church in Wales Primary School will be available on Monday morning, 23rd March, if you are in one of these categories, i.e. Health and Social Care sectors (including Homeless Hostels and Outreach), or the Emergency Services.


If you fall into one of the other Keyworker categories as listed by the UK Government, we will also collate your details and provide further information on school access early next week.


If you have pre-school children, please can you contact the Family Gateway for advice on 03000 133 133.


We will review these arrangements very carefully with the Local Authority on a daily basis, including weekends, and will keep you up to date of any changes.


We are confident that if this advice is followed, we will all make a significant contribution towards protecting our pupils, staff and school community.


Yours sincerely



Mrs Nicki Prichard

Head teacher