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Reception ended their dinosaur topic with a fantastic dinosaur day! We made paper plate dinosaurs, created a dinosaur pictogram and even went on a dinosaur hunt in the garden! 
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Welcome to Reception 2


                                                                            Class Teacher - Mrs Webb

                                                                            Learning Support Assistant  - Mrs Ponting


 P.E Days: Monday and Thursday

Spring Term  1  - Dinosaurs


This term we will learning about all the different kinds of Dinosaurs. We will be looking at lots of books about dinosaurs and finding out lots of interesting dinosaur facts,:- including what they eat, what their very long names are and many more facts.


This half-term your child will be given a homework challenge to create a dinosaur mask,  we are looking forward to seeing all your amazing creations!!

  Firstly a great big thank you to the Mums that came to help.


We had a lovely day in the Museum and saw lots of Dinosaur Bones. We were told a story and lots of facts about some of the Dinosaurs like they Lived 100 Million years ago.


The children enjoyed walking around the museum and seeing all the amazing Skeletons especially Molly the Mammoth.

Museum Trip

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Museum Trip  2
Museum Trip  3
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Museum Trip  5
  We have been creative and made Lego Dinosaurs. The children had to follow instructions and a picture. They had lots of fun and we had some amazing Dinosaur Models.

DInosaur Lego Models

DInosaur Lego Models 1
DInosaur Lego Models 2
DInosaur Lego Models 3
DInosaur Lego Models 4