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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5's page.

Don't forget - it's half term holiday next week.

We finish school at 3:15pm on Friday 27th May

and come back to school on

Monday 6th June.

Who's who in Class 5?

Take a look at what we'll be learning this year:


Homework will be given out every Friday. It will be brought home in a blue book-bag, along with a reading book. Please ensure that your child receives any help that they may need to complete the homework and return it to school on the following Monday morning.

Football Coaching

Starting on Monday 11th January, we will be having P.E. sessions with coaches from Cardiff City Football Club. These sessions will last until February half term.

Make sure you bring your P.E. on a Monday AND a Tuesday!

Save the Planet!

During the Spring Term, our 'Context for Learning' with be 'Save the Planet'.

As well as allowing us an opportunity to think of ways in which we can all look after our world, it will also give us the chance to celebrate the wonder and beauty of God's creation. 

Interesting web-sites (to do with what we're learning):

How big is the Solar System?

The average science project doesn't do the Solar System justice. This video shows relative sizes of the planets and how far they really are from the Sun.

Moon Phases:

Have you looked at the moon recently? Check out this website - it will tell you exactly what kind of moon you'll be able to see tonight!

John Cage's 4'33"

This is a performance of John Cage's 4'33" - what do you think of it?!
Is it music?
What do your family think of it?