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Welcome to the Nursery


Meet the Nursery Staff

It has been lovely to see our friends who started nursery last year.  We are looking forward to welcoming some new friends. We are all thrilled to see the sunflowers that we planted last year. 
We will be settling in to the nursery and learning all sorts of things.  You can read about what we will be doing if you click on the document below. 

What we will be learning this half term

We went on an Autumn walk and collected leaves

What we will be learning this half term

We have been exploring and building rockets

What we will be learning this half term

Grandma came to visit
Grandma was not very well and needed some help with her shopping.  We helped Little Red Riding Hood do the shopping.  We also helped her to count the correct amount of food into the basket.
Grandma had a terrible fright! The wolf shut her in the wardrobe.  So, we wrote to Grandma and invited her to the nursery.  We asked what she would like to eat.  She wrote back and said that she would like egg sandwiches.
Click below to see us working hard to make the sandwiches.
We made her egg sandwiches and she came to share them with us.

Spring 2 - Learning Outline

We have been designing new gardens for Mary Mary Quite Contrary

We all had a chance to add something to our gardens.

When the seeds grew they looked amazing! We were very proud.

This is what we will be learning this half term

What we will be learning this Half Term