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We harvested the Nursery potatoes so that they didn't go to waste after all our hard work. Some of the older children helped.

Week 14 - 13.7.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

So lovely to see the learning happening at home!

Week 13 - 6.7.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

Week 12 - 29.6.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

Week 11 - 22.6.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

Week 10 - 15.6.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

Week 9 - 8.6.20 - Nursery School Closure Home Learning

Week 8 - 1.6.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

Bridges (See planning for how to use this slideshow)

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Half Term

Look at how well our potatoes and pumpkins are growing!

Week 7 - Nursery School Closure Planning

I hope you are enjoying the activities at home.  The activities are just suggestions of what you can do.  Please use them as appropriate for your child.  Don't worry if they are not ready to do some of the activities. Praise them for having a go.  Keep it fun!!

Any questions or concerns please email me at :

Week 5 - 4.5.20 Nursery School Closure Planning

It has been lovely to see some of the activities going on at home. Keep up the good work.

Potatoes and other Vegetables

I have brought the potatoes that we planted in Nursery home to look after them.  They are growing really well.  I will take them back so that we can harvest them when they are ready.  I have also planted some other vegetables for us to have a look at when we return.

Week 4 - 27.4.20 - Nursery School Closure Planning

We have been missing you. It would be lovely to hear how you are all getting on.  If you want to send me a message my email address is :-


Week 3 - 20.4.20 - School Closure Planning

Easter Break - 6.4.20 - 17.4.20

It is the Easter break and so we are not putting any plans on to our class pages.  However, if you are looking for something to do at home why not make some play dough.  Below is an easy recipe. Your children can help you to make this recipe as there is no cooking involved. 

Also, as Easter Sunday approaches now is the time to make your Easter baskets if you managed to pick them up from school ready to have an Easter egg hunt. If you did not manage to pick up your basket try making one out of a paper plate.  I have put instructions below. 

If you are able to go outside safely, look at signs that it is Spring such as buds or new leaves.  Talk about how the weather has changed and is getting warmer.  Talk about the animals that have babies at this time of year such as lambs, chicks and ducklings. 

Best wishes for Easter,

Mrs Taylor.  

Easy Playdough Recipe

Easy Paper Plate Basket

Week 2 - 30.3.20 - Nursery - School Closure Ideas

Week 1 - 23.3.20 - Nursery School Closure Activity Ideas

Spring Term 

We have been exploring footprints

Spring 2 - Overview