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                         Hello everyone! 

Welcome to the home school learning experience. Every week I will be putting a weekly plan on here for you to complete so that you can continue your learning while school is closed. There is a literacy and a maths activity every day and a topic activity once a week. 

I have included instructions and internet links to videos and learning aids to help you. All you have to do is click on the link to access them.

Any work set on the website can be recorded in your workbooks with the date and heading. If work is set on Google Classroom then I will direct you there on the plan. You will need to go through HWB with your password to access this work and record your work on Google Classroom too. 

Remember ... Keep working!

If you need to get in touch with me about any of the work or if you need some help please email me or you can message me through google classroom . I will check my emails everyday. 

My email address is:

Saturday 4th April 2020

Well done everyone for working on the home learning for week one and week two. It is now the Easter holidays and a chance to have a break and do other things with your family. I will be posting a new weekly plan for week three after the holidays. It will be on here on Monday the 20th of April. 

Have a great break everyone. smiley

Welcome to week 2 - week beginning 30th March 2020

Your plan this week is all about Extreme Weather and negative numbers

There are lots of powerpoints to explore and PDF documents to open to get your follow up work. 

The documents are listed at the end of the weekly plan. You will have to open them as you need them. Click on the week 2 plan below to find out what to do. Good luck! Keep learning!  



Week 2 Plan - click below
Maths Week 2 - PDF documents to support weekly plan
Literacy Week 2 - PDF documents and powerpoint presentations to support weekly plan
Topic Task Week 2 - documents to support weekly plan
Week 1 Weekly Plan  - 23.3.20

Hello and welcome to Class 4's page. 


This term our context is 'Inventors, Innovators and Imaginators'. 

We are working on developing our creative writing and improving our imaginative story telling

We are also looking at great inventors through time and exploring how their inventions have changed our lives. 

In science we are studying light. 


We have been measuring the size of shadows in science. We learned that the closer an object is to the light source the larger the shadow appears and the further away from the light source the smaller the shadow appears.

Shadow measuring

Shadow measuring 1
Shadow measuring 2
We have also been working to improve our problem solving skills in maths.
Picture 1
We have also been busy designing logos for reflective clothing as part of our science work. We have learnt that reflective clothing keeps us safe in the dark because light shines on the material and it is reflected back to make the clothing highly visible.
Picture 1
Picture 2