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Communication Class

Welcome to Communication Class

 Class Teacher: Miss J Fry

 Dear Parents,

 Every week I will upload a PDF document.

 When you click on this you will see a five day plan of learning activities.

 Each day there is a Maths and Language activity to complete.

 Each week there is one topic activity to complete over the week.

 Children's work can be recorded in the work books we provided.

 Remember to write the date each day.

 All the children will need help to complete the activities.

 Please don't feel anxious about the outcomes. The ideas will give you a starting point to

 learn with your child. I will try hard to make the learning as clear as possible and base it on

 things you can do at home.

 The most important thing at this time is that you and your family stay safe and well.



Check the j2stars on HWB to see if you have earned any points for completing any of the home learning tasks!

Weekly Spellings

Log on to HWB J2e go to J2blast and click on Spell Blast!


Click on the shark (click here) and go to shared tests. I have shared week 2 spellings with you. Take the test, can you spell the words?


I will update the tests each week, keep practising! 


You can also practise the phase 3 words on spell blast if you want to practise more! Go live if you want to play against others!

Home Learning week 2